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Take Home Every Dollar: Redbird's 'Keep Your 100' Guarantees Full Commission, Every Time

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Your Effort, Your Earnings. Keep Your 100% Commission at Redbird

Keep Your 100 with Redbird Realty: Every Dollar You Earn, Stays in Your Pocket. It's time to build your own wealth, not just the brokerage's. Full commission, zero compromises – because you deserve the full reward for your hard work. Your success, your earnings, all yours. That's the power of 'Keep Your 100'.

In an industry where every penny counts, Redbird Realty’s ‘Keep Your 100’ commission structure is more than just a benefit – it’s a statement of trust and respect for our Agents. It’s our way of saying we value your contributions and believe in your potential. Join us at Redbird Realty, and take control of your financial future in a way that only our unique commission structure allows.


(210) - 783 - 0100


Developing Real Estate Leaders

Learn to Lead​

Enhance your leadership skills with our training programs, designed to empower you with the confidence to lead effectively in the fast-paced real estate market.


Foster your entrepreneurial spirit with us. Learn how to build, grow, and manage your own real estate business effectively, turning ideas into successful enterprises.

In House Training

Benefit from our extensive in-house training, offering a blend of practical knowledge and industry insights to keep you ahead in your real estate career.

Strategy Planning

Develop and refine your strategy planning skills. Our expert-led sessions will equip you with the tools to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the competitive real estate market.

Big Support System

Join a community where support is abundant. Our large network of professionals provides guidance, advice, and assistance, ensuring you're never alone in your real estate journey.

Affiliate Support

Leverage the strength of our affiliate network. Gain access to essential resources, shared expertise, and collaborative opportunities to enhance your real estate practice.

CEO Coaching

Gain direct mentorship from our CEO, learning first-hand the strategies and insights that drive success at the highest levels in real estate.


At Redbird, you’ll have the power of giving back through initiatives that will allow you to engage with and contribute to the community, building a more meaningful and impactful real estate career.

Your Hard Work, Your Full Reward - The Redbird Commitment

As a Redbird Agent, you retain 100% of the commission from your sales. We stand firm in our belief that your hard work and achievements should be fully compensated, without any hidden fees or brokerage cuts.

make big happen

Keep Your Full Commission. Every Sale, Every Time. Keep Your 100.

Keep Your Full Commission

Award Winning Brokerage

Level Up Your Real Estate Career

Investment in YOUR Growth



“Your Effort, Your Profit – No Limits, No Boundaries.” Say goodbye to the days of forfeiting a portion of your earnings. It’s time to maximize your income! At Redbird Realty, we empower you to reap the full rewards of your labor. Your success, your profits – that’s our guarantee.”



“Your Sales, Your Growth – Redbird empowers you to build a thriving real estate business. With every commission fully in your hands, reinvest in your business, expand your client base, and solidify your presence in the market. It’s not just about earning; it’s about building lasting success.



“Hard Work Pays Off – Every Sale, Every Time” Witness the true value of your dedication with ‘Keep Your 100’. Every hour you invest, every relationship you build, and every sale you close is rewarded in full. It’s a testament to your commitment, ensuring your hard work is always worth it.



With ‘Keep Your 100’, take charge of your financial future. This freedom means you can strategize, invest, and save according to your personal and professional goals. It’s about crafting a wealth strategy that resonates with your vision and ambition.

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