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Reap Your Full Reward: Redbird's 'Keep Your 100' Commission Model

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Why Forfeit Your Profits? Keep Every Dollar You Earn. At Redbird, Keep Your 100!

Welcome to a new era of earning in real estate with Redbird Realty's 'Keep Your 100' commission structure. This is where your effort translates directly into your reward, with no splits and no compromises. It's time to get excited about a commission plan that truly values and honors your hard work.

"At Redbird Realty, we stand by the belief that your earnings should mirror your efforts – fully and fairly. 'Keep Your 100' is more than a policy; it's a commitment to ensuring every deal you make enhances your prosperity. Your work, your wins, your wealth – 100%."

Join Texas’ true 100% Commission brokerage with Redbird Realty, where every deal you seal marks a direct and significant increase in your income. At Redbird, we stand by the principle that every achievement you make is fully and rightfully yours. We don’t just support your success; we amplify it. Every sale, every contract, every client you win adds directly to your financial growth, without any hidden fees or unexpected cuts. This is where your hard work and dedication pay off in real, measurable terms. It’s more than a commission structure; it’s a commitment to recognizing and rewarding the true value of your professional endeavors. Join us and experience the tangible difference of keeping 100% of your hard-earned commission, right here in Texas.

Understanding 'Keep Your 100'

At Redbird Realty, we believe your hard work should pay off in full. That’s why we’ve pioneered the ‘Keep Your 100’ commission structure, a straightforward, transparent approach that respects and rewards your efforts like no other. Why split your hard-earned money with a brokerage when you can keep it all?

Why We Offer This:

  • Fair Reward for Your Effort: We believe that the full value of your dedication and sales talent should be reflected in your earnings.
  • Simple and Transparent: Our straightforward approach means you always know what to expect – your complete commission.

Benefits for Agents:

  • Financial Autonomy: More control over your finances, allowing you to reinvest in your business or personal growth.
  • Increased Motivation: Knowing that every bit of effort directly benefits your income can be a huge motivator.
  • Career Satisfaction: Enjoy a more fulfilling career knowing that your brokerage fully supports and rewards your successes.

Ready to take full control of your earnings? Join our team now and start keeping 100% of your commission – where every dollar you make is a dollar you keep.

Every deal you close should fuel your own success, not just the brokerage’s. ‘Keep Your 100’ at Redbird Realty puts the full commission back where it belongs – in your pocket. It’s our way of saying your success is yours alone to celebrate and benefit from, 100%.

Say goodbye to traditional splits and hello to full financial control.

Join Our Team and Keep 100% of Your Commissions with Redbird Realty

Keep Your 100.
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Keep YOUR 100% Commission

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