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SAN ANTONIO, Texas, July 17, 2023 — Driven by an enduring spirit of community and a deep-rooted dedication, Redbird Realty, a titan in Texas real estate, has ascended to a distinguished victory in the San Antonio Board of Realtors (SABOR) ‘Food Fight’. This annual event, integral in benefiting the San Antonio Food Bank, rallies real estate professionals across the city.

Redbird Realty’s victory signifies more than merely winning a competition. It embodies the solidarity, resolve, and commitment of a team that consistently surpasses expectations. The company led the “Large Brokerage” category, acknowledging firms sponsoring over 100 agents, amassing an impressive 1,825 boxes of cereal. This accomplishment, outshining its competition, truly embodies the essence of community service.

Jeff Garza, CEO of Redbird Realty, encapsulated this spirit in his response to the victory. “Our success here at Redbird Realty is fueled by a strong sense of community. We are an intricate network of individuals who are not only dedicated to the excellence of real estate services but also passionate about creating a nurturing space for our agents, bolstering their careers, and uplifting local businesses. This triumphant win exemplifies our relentless dedication to our community.”

The much-anticipated trophy presentation is scheduled for July 20, 2023, at 2pm, at the SABOR Auditorium located at 9110 IH-10 West, San Antonio, Texas 78230. The entire Redbird Realty team, including its agents, affiliates, and local partners, is warmly invited to participate in this celebratory occasion. This trophy embodies the combined efforts of each team member and their unique contributions, forming a symbol of unity and shared victory.

Further amplifying this sense of shared triumph, Garza added, “This remarkable win is an outcome of the incredible spirit and tenacity of our real estate agents, affiliates, and every individual who stood by us. The meaningful impact we’ve made on the families served by the San Antonio Food Bank is monumental, and this trophy stands as a testament to our collective achievement.”

Redbird Realty, basking in the glow of this hard-won victory, urges everyone to persist in their support for the San Antonio Food Bank’s noble mission.

In a final, heartfelt address, Garza extends profound gratitude to all involved: “Your relentless support has allowed us to rise, lead, and truly make a difference. Let’s continue this journey together, lifting our communities, supporting our small businesses, and fostering successful careers, one step at a time.”

About Redbird Realty

Redbird Realty, a pioneering force in Texas real estate, is committed to providing matchless service and value to buyers and sellers. We are a preeminent real estate company in our communities, known for developing quality relationships with our clientele — relationships rooted in respect, integrity, and trust. We pride ourselves on fostering the careers of our agents and supporting the local businesses that are the backbone of our communities.

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